Established in June 2020, we as parents started this company from our garage to create a legacy for our son. The goal: take our passion for training and awareness and create a community of likeminded individuals who our son could grow up with, look up too, and have; no matter where the world went. What it turned into was something we could have never imagined. Today, we still operate our day to day, printing and packaging with a team of 2 from our home with the biggest support system we could ever ask for. All of our media and almost all our outsourced product comes from locals or family owned businesses and we intend to keep it that way. We strive to keep products USA made, and support the businesses that are doing something good for their community.
Goon Operational Group now has supporters of all backgrounds. Civilians, former/current LEO and military, moms, dads, etc. We judge no one, and want to support the training, awareness and improvement of self-defense and being prepared for anything we can prepare for.
We are all-inclusive and fully support LEO and Military, but that is not our only purpose here. We believe civilian training is lacking, and awareness of our rights is dying out. Our expanded goal is to normalize this training, provide affordable but quality education, while offering dope merchandise and gear to spread the word. — March 2021


Break – Build – Educate – Normalize

Break toxicity. Build futures. Educate the community. Normalize the training.

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